Patio Roof Systems – London, Ealing, Windsor, Maidenhead


The Terrazza Patio Roof is a more permanent solution to outdoor living, with the benefit of only needing a minimum 5 degree pitch, it is ideal for rain protection on low installations.


For sun protection and added privacy you have the option of either the internally fitted Sotezza or an externally fitted WGM awning.Start with the high quality powder coated frame system (56 standard colours available) and glass or polycarbonate roof panels, then you can add additional products to personalise your newly created outdoor space. With the Terrazza Patio Roof system you can also create self supporting structures away from the house, maybe a small barbeque area further up the garden that you may wish to protect from the elements, see our pictures for ideas.


For wind protection you can choose from retractable textile sides (paravento) or sliding glass doors.


As with all our products heating and lighting can be added to create an extremely versatile area within your garden.


Projections up to 6m and single section widths of 10.5m (can be coupled to make almost unlimited width)


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What Our Clients Say!

Need an awning, some blinds or a Canopy in London or the South West?

Enjoy your patio until well into autumn

Our Terrazza patio roof will keep you well sheltered from the wind and other elements. And your patio furniture can remain outside without being damaged. The appeal of our patio roof is its elegant construction, attractively shaped design and high durability. With numerous versions available, it is also very suited to many different types of houses and requirements.

The right patio roof for every application –

Our patio roofs stand out not only for their very elegant design and seamless look. With so many versions to choose from, they also adapt effortlessly to complex building situations. A completely modular construction allows you to start with the basic roof and adding glazing elements, shading products or accessories at any time in the future!

Three roof models – equipped exactly the way you need them:

To ensure that the roof is a perfect match for the facade it is fitting to, there are several different options and roof types to choose from. Patio roof without overhang, with integrated guttering

The basic model comes in a classic lean to design; if you don’t need an additional roof overhang, you will find the Terrazza Originale a good solution. Patio roof with roof overhang and pre-fitted guttering

The protruding roof on the slender Terrazza Extra version blocks out rain falling at an angle. Patio roof with roof overhang and integrated guttering

Or opt for a Terrazza Plus with roof overhang and integrated downspout – to make sure the rain drains off as it should.

Rigid Aluminium Construction –

Our patio roofs stand out for their exceptional stability and durability. These durable constructions are based on static calculations run by a certified engineering company.

sturdy roof supports in a variety of configurations
extra-thick walls in a slim struction
steel inserts optionally available, also as guttering reinforcements if required
corrosion-proof thanks to aluminium profiles and stainless steel screws
snow-bearing load up to 550kg
roof depths up to 6m

LED / Design Light Bar –

Our light bar extends the amount of time you an use your patio roof until well into the evening. The light bars can be wall-mounted or fitted to a roof support depending on your preference.

warm, atmospheric light thanks to special glass lenses.
highly energy-efficient
operating life of 30,000 hours
radio-controlled dimmer using BiConnect
light bar housing in same colour as patio roof


Bring your garden into your house – with the elegant Glasoase that offers you smooth transitions to the outside. This glass oasis is a combination of a Terrazza patio roof comprising all-glass elements that can be closed to form an uninsulated conservatory. The many flexible and fixed-glazed side elements allow for any number of possible combinations.