An open-air feeling meets wind and weather protection. When open, the pergola awning offers an open-air feeling like being in a convertible and unobstructed view of the starlit sky at night. When closed, it protects against the rain and wind and provides sun and UV protection. The PVC awning material has a very high tensile strength, can be extended and retracted using a drive and, as an option, is also available as a light-transmitting version.




The elegant PergoTex II turns into a cosy all-round weather shelter if it is equipped with vertical awnings or all-glass elements. You can extend and retract the tear-resistant, light-resistant and rainproof PVC awning material infinitely using a drive for maximum comfort on the patio.

A whole variety of weather protection under your folding awning


With its solid supports and the resilient, durable awning material, the PergoTex II offers outstanding wind stability for even longer enjoyment of your patio.


  • Waterproof: light-proof or light transmitting PVC fabric


  • With high tensile strength


  • Reliable sun protection with a close roof


  • Rigid construction – wind resistant and rainproof

The PergoTex II’s tear-resistant PVC is fastened to robust aluminium transoms. This combination withstands wind loads up to strength 6 on the Beaufort scale – even when extended.


  • Controlled drainage of rainwater with a minimum pitch of 8⁰


  • The fabric is extended with lateral guidance – due to a robust counterbalance system

Aluminium safety shield – protection from moisture and dirt


The new aluminium safety shield has a noise-reducing effect when it rains. When the folding awning is fully open, the fabric and technology rest underneath it. Thus, they are both protected from moisture and dirt.


  • Reliable protection for the PVC fabric and transoms


  • Elegant covering of side channels and wall mounting

HighPower LED spotlights – for an amazingly beautiful atmosphere


The high-power LED spotlights integrated into the transoms bring a pleasant atmosphere to your patio.


  • LED spotlights dimmable with BiConnect radio control


  • 30, 000 hours of lighting with lowest energy consumption

PergoTex Classic Fabric

The classic PVC-coated fabric guides rainwater away reliably. The fabrics are nearly opaque and therefore ideal for darkening the space. Dirty marks cannot be seen from underneath either.

PergoTex Translucent Fabric

The special feature of the PergoTex II translucent fabric is its high light transmission of up to 21%. Natural light is able to penetrate the rainproof support fabric, but it prevents unpleasant dazzling by strong sunlight at the same time. High-strength polyester fibres make the woven fabric extremely durable, long-lived and weather-resistant.

Glass Element – More Protection and Light Flooded


A clear view and yet still protected: The pergola awning PergoTex II can be retrofitted with easy-glide sliding walls on all sides with little work. This provides you with added protection against the wind and weather. At the same time, the all-around transpar­ency gives you the feeling of genuinely being outside. Ease of operation: The easy-glide sliding wall is easy to open and close or to lock in place – depending on your personal wishes and the weather. Its intelligent actuator function ensures an exceptionally fast operation of all of the all-glass elements simultaneously.

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