The WGM awning is a multi purpose system, primarily designed to be externally mounted onto conservatory roofs, with a sun sensor to give a highly efficient means of solar control.

The system also lends itself perfectly as a retractable roof for a free standing timber or steel framed structures.

In our experience the idea of preventing the suns rays hitting a glass conservatory roof where they are being magnified is far more efficient than trying to deal with the problem using internal blinds. 

Tried and tested heat and glare protection – 


Would you like to enjoy  your conservatory in a comfortable environment when the temperature is very high outside? Then you should choose the reliable sun and glare protection offered by the new WGM Top. The over the roof shading system ensures the space underneath your conservatory or glass room does not heat up too much. It stops the sun hitting the glass roof so heat build up is not an issue – make the most of a space that would be otherwise unusable!

Adapts perfectly – 


The WGM Top can be used on almost any patio or conservatory roof, even when retro-fitted. Regardless of whether it’s a Glasoase, a fully glazed conservatory, wooden pergola or any other veranda – the versatile sun protection is always the right choice. Do you have a large roof? No problem! The WGM Top is also suitable for large widths up to 6.5m.

Top Design – 


We places a great deal of importance on an attractive external appearance. As sun protection should complement the conservatory or patio roof with a stylish element that is visually perfectly integrated into the house facade’s overall look. That it’s slimline profiles and clean lines, no visible fixings on display. A huge variety of frame colours and fabrics are available to compliment any surrounding.

Top Performance in High Winds – 


This awning even cuts a fine figure with higher wind forces up to class 6 on the Beaufort scale as a result of its high-quality finish and robust tensioning system. The combination with a sun/wind sensor guarantees that you also have plenty of shade in strong winds, but your awning retracts in good time if it should get stormy.

The advantage for you: the wind sensor reacts with a time delay and not with every single gust of wind that is over wind force 6. This prevents the awning from retracting too early giving you protection from the sun on your patio for even longer.

In Top Shape – 


The WGM Top is available in the Stretch and OptiStretch versions that ensure optimum fabric performance and positioning. With the Optistretch version, the fabric is firmly clamped on all four sides. The benefit: extremely taut fabric and no light gap on the sides. The basic Stretch version is clamped on two sides and there is a light gap between the fabric and side profile. A strong rope tension system ensures even fabric positioning with both versions.

Quiet and consistent operation – 


The WGM Top tension system ensures optimum fabric performance and positioning. It includes, amongst other things, a new flat rope and the tried and tester carriage system. The flat rope is extremely quiet and durable, the carriage system features quiet retraction and extension that is gentle on materials.

Well protected – 


The all-round enclosed and robust awning cassette keeps the fabric and other component parts well protected from the elements. You can enjoy superb weather protection for many years.

Automatically controlled – 


WGM Top is fitted as standard with a drive without remote receiver. If you opt for a remote-controlled motor with BiConnect radio control, you can really easily operate the sun protection using the hand transmitter or BiEasy app. The sun/wind sensor makes the awning extend and retract automatically, regardless of whether you are at home or not

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