Do you wish for reliable protection against wind and rain? Is your house façade not resilient enough for an awning? Then the two pergola awnings from Beards Blinds and Awnings are just the right choice. No more continuous cleaning of the decking or wiping over the furniture before the guests arrive or rushing to cover everything up when it rains.

Cool Solutions for Hot Problems


Pergola awnings make cool solutions for hot problems like sun exposure and excess heat when enjoying the outdoors. With two different pergola awnings available at Beards Blinds and Awnings, there is a solution for every house and patio and commercial property. Many different patterns and colours of fabric with 56 colours of hardware and arms make it a simple task to pair the right combination with an existing deck, garden or theme. There are retractable pergola canopy solutions which offer the opportunity to add patio heating, LED light, and other accessories. With strong fabrics and carefully calculated profiles, pergolas can be configured for exact situations: from extreme wind and rain showers to uneven surfaces, and scenarios where retracting shade may be required on a regular basis. Pergola designs can be as flexible as you are!

Semi-Permanent Designs


With radio control pergola awnings products can provide a near-permanent screen for outdoor areas. Built with the flexibility of quiet and easy operation, the pergola design is strong enough to be left extended when most other awnings fail. Two strong transport profiles combined with a strong gutter and leg system are providing new market standards. Only top-quality materials, which have been extensively tested, are used by Beards Blinds and Awnings.

Adjustable Shade for The Outdoors


Installation of an adjustable type of pergola awning means doing the main installation once and reaping the benefits thereafter with ease. Garden spaces which need some access to light during specific parts of the day can now be accommodated with the Plaza Viva and the PergoTex II. At the push of a button, the awning can be extended or retracted completely or in increments. The use is further extended with addition of lateral all-glass elements or the built in LED spot lights with the PergoTex II. Fabrics are PVC coated and the 8° pitch offers strong protection against rain and wind (PergoTex II) or telescopic post can be lowered using the gear handle (Plaza Viva). Pergola awnings are designed for looks, quality, and ease of use.


  • Push-button awning extension


  • Fabrics and seams are waterproof


  • Crossbeam technology gives you enhanced stability


  • Many different colours and patterns to choose from

Plaza Viva – the textile pergola awning 


With the Plaza Viva textile pergola awning you can now use your patio for even longer with even less worries – virtually regardless of the weather. Whether it’s as sun shading on a sunny day, as extremely stable weather protection with gusty winds or as clever rain protection from warm summer rain, thanks to the Plaza Viva you can enjoy the haven of well-being on your patio without any interruptions.

PergoTex II – the folding awning with convertible effect


The PergoTex II provides reliable wind and rain protection from a pitch of only 8⁰. The tear-resistant PVC awning material folds up elegantly when retracted. With the addition of vertical awnings or all glass elements truly provides an outdoor space that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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