The VertiTex II vertical awning offers protection from the dazzling sun, prevents the patio and indoors from becoming uncomfortably hot and shelters you from prying eyes. Carpets/flooring, curtains and furniture are also protected. This textile beauty still lets you see outside too, depending on fabric type. Large windows can also be shade with VertiTex II and the extremely small cassette adapts unobtrusively to any building façade.


Modern Round & Square Design

We don’t want you to deface your patio, windows or balcony with a bulky cassette housing, even with very large fabrics up to 6 metres wide.

The VertiTex II is available in round and square design as well as having no visible fixings on display. As a result, you can easily adapt the vertical awning to any building style and with more than 200 frame colours and fabric patterns (including transparent fabrics) you are sure to strike the right note.


Technical Variety – Easy Installation

  • VertiTex II Zip (The Wind Resistant Version)

The fabric held captive on both sides. The benefits: very well tensioned fabric, no light gap and maximum wind stability.

  • VertiTex II Rope (The Light Version)

The VertiTex II with rope guides is the delicate and light look. It can also be indented, if required. This provides benefits if it is not possible to fix it on the sides.


 Suitable for any installation situation

The VertiTex II can be easily retrofitted on windows, patio roofs or balconies too. Narrow frames or complex untrussed roofs do not pose any problems.

The VertiTex II is equipped with a high-quality motor drive as standard. Various control options for cable to radio with weather sensors always provide suitability comfort.

If you have windows wider than 6 metres, the VertiTex II can also be used as a multi-section unit and can therefore be adapted perfectly to extremely large patio roofs or façade fronts.


Stable in the wind

Both VertiTex II versions are wind resistant. The benefit for you: if the wind’s blowing a bit stronger, the privacy and sun protection doesn’t have to be retracted straight away. The VertiTex II Zip has the highest wind resistance due to the awnings fabric’s guide being completely closed. The fabric remains stable and withstands stress up to wind force 6.

VertiTex Zip
VertiTex Rope

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