The drop-arm cassette awning with gas piston-tensioned arms – the awning that gives you just the amount of shade you need.

Design Features

Compact, square and discreet profile made of extruded aluminium is only 95 mm in height when retracted.  The cover is protected from the weather by the cassette, which encloses it completely. For long-lasting attractiveness, the awning has been powder coated in the case of manual operation it is supplied with a stainless-steel winding handle – quality to get to grips with.

Technical Specification

robust, self-supporting cassette made of extruded aluminium extremely sturdy, stainless steel side cheek, sheathed in plastic and powder coated operation by means of a smooth gearbox and universal joint sturdy, attractive front profile with spring-assisted closing mechanism – closes the cassette automatically as the awning is retracted gas pistons in the arms ensure that the cover stays taut.

Optional Accessories

Hard-wired motor operation (optionally with automatic weather controls) for straightforward and easy operation radio-controlled motor with radio remote control for ease of use an easily installed, radio control light and wind sensor guarantees comfort and a degree of safety – even in your absence the telescopic accro bars make installations on balconies possible, where there is nowhere to fix the arms.

Great solar protection and great visibility

Drop arms are fitted with optimised stainless steel gas pistons giving excellent cover tension. Adjustable down to a maximum of 140°. Front profile with spring-loaded closing mechanism. Telescopic accro bars are optionally available for balcony installations.

Pleasant shade – but plenty of light nevertheless:

The inclined position of the drop-arm awning ensures that you get just the right amount of light, as there is not only very bright and very dark, but many gradations in between, too. Excellent technology, high-class materials and first-rate workmanship turn your markilux into a highly practical gem on the façade of your home. markilux drop-arm awnings are available both with round (“markilux 8xx”) and also with square (“markilux 7xx”) cassette. What you settle for depends on the structural conditions and your own personal taste.

Design and Technology

The markilux that manages light and heat protection in a flexible manner – any arm pivoting angle up to 140° is possible. Round or square – the choice is yours. The small inconspicuous cassette made of extruded aluminium is powder coated and when retracted the awning cover is protected from adverse conditions by the fully encompassing cassette. It has highly effective gas pistons that ensure low-friction operation of the awning and a taut awning cover. All components require minimal maintenance and are protected against corrosion.

Special Features

Practical wedge-in accro bars are available if installation on a balcony is required, which can e.g. be clamped between the balcony above and the floor of one’s own balcony.

Fabric Cover

Choice of fabrics You can choose from all the fabrics in the current markilux collection made from sunvas snc or sunsilk snc including the visutex fabric range. The special perfotex fabrics and the fabrics in the vuscreen range (vuscreen FR/vuscreen Alu) are also available. These allow unobstructed views outside while still offering ideal shading.


The maximum width as a single unit is 700 cm (with split cover and three drop arms). Coupled awnings, consisting of two single units, are available up to an overall width of 800 cm. Different combinations of matched arm and cover lengths ensure individual solar protection, just as you need it.


The awning is fitted as standard with a gearbox. A hard-wired or radio-controlled motor with markilux remote control operation can be fitted as optional accessory.

Maximum Dimensions 700 cm x 250 cm
Cover Guidance System Drop-Arm (80 cm – 150 cm)
Cover Tension Stainless Steel Gas Piston
Fixture Type To the wall / Ceiling / In a reveal
Wind Resistance Wind Class 5 on Beaufort Scale

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