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Heating and Lighting

Enhance your patio area with Heating or Lighting making it usable all year around.

Tempura Heating system
 – 1500w, 230v heater using Original Philips “Gold Tubes”

Can be controlled via the Biconnect remote control system, so you can increase or decrease the heat as required.

Adjustable angle from the swivelling housing.

Universal brackets.


Light Bar Lux / Light Bar Lux Design

Colour co-ordinated to your awning frame.

Pleasant warm white light
LED spotlights
Highly energy efficient
Operating life of 30,000 hours
Infinitely dimmable when used with Bi Connect radio control
Can be used when awning is retracted

Make use of the outdoors for longer! Superb outdoor comfort and protection with heating, lighting and other excellent solutions.


Every minute that you can stay outside longer counts! Which is why Beards Blinds & Awnings has developed a number of intelligent accessories for awnings, patio roofs and glass roofs. So that you can make your time on the balcony or patio even more pleasant.

Valance Plus

Complementary privacy and glare protection


Sun and rain protection from above is effective but not always enough. The low-lying sun in the evenings or in autumn and winter in particular can cause unpleasant dazzling. And sometimes you simply want to be just by yourselves, protected from prying eyes. Which is why we provided solutions that offer you reliable protection from all sides.

The Valance Plus can be optionally integrated into the front profile, which is the awning’s front protection. It is elegantly integrated into the overall awning design there. The vertical shading can be controlled by a gear handle or conveniently at the touch of a button using the same hand transmitter that operates your awning.


The patented Opti-Flow-System to support the fabric roller bearing (only with awnings with motor drive) ensures that the front profile closes reliably and that the fabric is perfectly positioned, even with large widths.

Valance Plus: a summary of your benefits.

  • Optional for the Opal, Semina Life and the Plaza Viva awnings.
  • Glare and privacy protection up to a maximum valance height of 2.1m.
  • Plaza Viva: Valance Plus only possible with gear drive.
  • Folding arm awnings: motor drive as standard, gear drive possible (only recommended with small constructions).
  • Extends to any length.
  • Fabric in numerous high-quality patterns and different materials to choose from.

Valance Plus Technical Data


Motor Drive:                                          as standard (except Plaza Viva)

Valance Plus max. width:                    6m

Possible Valance Plus heights:           1m x 1.5m & 2.1m



The stylish Paravento side awning shelters you from curious onlookers, sunlight and fresh side winds. As a cost-effective solution, the lean but robust cassette can be mounted practically anywhere. The Paravento creates attractive high-lights in combination with a state-of-the-art pattern from our fabric collection.


Special function fabrics provided privacy protection from the outside during the day and still allow you to see outside. Therefore, the Paravento is a flexible an elegant alternative to fixed elements such as fences, wall and hedges.

Paravento: a summary of your benefits:

  • Beautifully shaped cassette for perfect fabric protection. Stable construction for any house wall.
  • Stable construction for any house wall.
  • Can be extended and retracted in one step.
  • Special function fabrics you can see through can be used from our fabric collection.
  • Optional trapezium shaped fabric possible for ideal combination with the folding arm awnings.
  • More than 200 frame colours available.

Heating Systems

You extend your precious time on the patio with the Tempura and Tempura Quadra heating systems. They can be mounted almost anywhere, are easy to retrofit and generate pleasant warmth. The infrared rays can be felt as soon as the system is switched on. The heater is available in a round version as well as the Tempura Quadra with square design.


You are not just protecting your wallet with the infrared technology. In comparison to the other heating technology, the heat can be felt instantly.


Infrared technology: cost-effective and pleasant

The operating costs of the Tempura/Tempura Quadra are just £0.33 per hour (at an electricity price of £0.21 per kWh). The operating costs for standard heating systems, for instance with gas, are significantly higher.

In comparison to electrical quartz heaters, the infrared heating technology only warms up the skin and not the air in between.

Resulting in maximum heat emitted straight after they are switched on.

Tempura/Tempura Quadra: a summary of your benefits:

  • Instant heat without any delay thanks to infrared technology.
  • 91% efficient due to the concentrated radiation thanks to string reflectors.
  • Can be retrofitted at any time to complement existing products or even for other patio systems.
  • Can be used virtually everywhere or mounted directly onto the Opal awning (Tempura and Tempura Quadra) and Semina Life awning (just Tempura).
  • More than 200 frame colours available.
  • Can be conveniently operated and dimmed using BiConnect radio control, also possible to control it by switch or using Somfy remote-control technology.

Tempura Quadra – Modern Square Design

Tempura Quadra is the square design of the Tempura with compact housing.

Technical Data – 

Output 1,500 watts*
Power supply/frequency 230 V / 50 Hz
Filtered Light up to 99%, extremely low-glare
Heating Technology infrared radiation, instant heat

Radio Control

     fine-tuned dimmer function




BiConnect / Somfy / RTS

Hard Wired Control connected on site to existing supply

Tempura – Round Design

The round version of the Tempura impresses with its classic look.

Technical Data – 

Output 1,500 watts*
Power supply/frequency 230 V / 50 Hz
Filtered Light up to 95%, extremely low-glare
Heating Technology infrared radiation, instant heat

Radio Control

     fine-tuned dimmer function



Hard Wired Control connected on site to existing supply

*Two Tempura can usually be connect with a standard household 16 amp fuse.

LED Lighting

LED lighting adds that special touch to any patio: their warm glow creates an attractive atmosphere while allowing the patio to be used for much longer. Based on modern technology, the innovative LEDs can save a great deal of energy.

Environmentally friendly, long lasting and cost saving – high-quality LED spotlights.


Anyone opting for LED lighting is doing everything right, as the little mood setters save energy and look really elegant. The light bars are available with pleasant warm white lighting and can be dimmed using the remote-control technology.


Economical LED technology:

  • As much light as a 20-watt halogen spotlight but uses 85% less energy.
  • Our 2.6-watt LED lamps produce 187 lumen of light.
  • Extremely long life lasting thousands of hours.


Please note: the I/K, Semina, Cassita II and Topas awnings can be equipped with a separate LED bar. With all other awnings, the LED spotlights are integrated into the awning cassette.

LED lighting: a summary of your benefits:

  • timeless, elegant design
  • Pleasant warm white light (approx. 3,000 K)
  • Individual LED lights can easily be replaced.
  • Can be installed anywhere.
  • More than 200 frame colours available.
  • Dimmable using BiConnect radio control.
  • Extremely efficient lighting with low energy consumption.

LED RGB Strip: the cosy al fresco lighting


The new LED bar provided coloured lighting and great light effects for a unique mood on your patio. Whether they’re fitted to the house wall, products or other patio constructions, the LED RGB Strip can be installed really quickly, easily and even retrofitted anywhere protected from the weather.


Your light is distributed evenly resulting in an incomparable atmosphere. The lighting can be conveniently controlled and dimmed using the remote-control handset. If Somfy RTS radio technology is being used the the LED lights can be switched on/off via a suitable RTS handset. With this option, and hard wired control, a button on the light bar is used to change the colour and dim the LED lights.

LED RGB Strip: A summary of your benefits

  • Easy operation of the LED coloured light bar and all other products using the BiEasy 15m Go! hand transmitter.
  • 48 colours and 3 whites.
  • Can be installed anywhere, and is protected from the weather, can also be retrofitted.
  • More than 200 frame colours available.
  • Extremely efficient lighting with low energy consumption.
  • Beautifully-shaped housing, can be fitted flexibly and subtly.

Easy to Operate

Just switch-off and relax – with a BiConnect radio control it’s even easier. Whether it’s radio controlled or hard wired: it’s not just your awning or patio roof’s sun protection that can be easily operated but your lighting and heating too.


Radio/hard wired control and weather sensors: modules for more comfort and security

We offer different technologies to operate its awnings etc. conveniently. Several products are also available from Weinor with classic gear handle operation. However, it is much more convenient to control the products by motor.


There are two options for how to control the drive: hard wired or via a radio receiver. With the hard wired solution the command is sent to a wall switch via the connection/power lead. The radio version manages without a lead for the control commands and sends the signals to the receiver using radio waves. Both technologies allow for the use of sensors that reliably protect your product from the weather and damage.

One Device for Everything – 

Would you like to control your patio lighting, heating system or awning at the press of a button. The BiConnect or Somfy system allows you to do just that. An easy to operate hand transmitter with or without display even sends the interference-free radio signal through metal facades and thick insulating layers thanks to routing technology. You can even operate every element of your awning on your patio or terrace using RTS or io-homecontrol from Somfy.

Four light bars – one quality:

LED Light Bar LED Design Light Bar 3-Spot Light Bar LED RGB Strip
Max. Width 650cm 650cm 650cm 500cm
Max. No. of Spotlights 11 11 3 60 LED/m
Bar Size (W x H) 75 x 89 mm 80 x 51 mm 80 x 51 mm 31 x 65 mm
Power Consumption 2.6 watts LED lights 2.6 watts LED lights 2.6 watts LED lights 3.9 watts/m
Light Output 187 lumen/spotlight 187 lumen/spotlight 187 lumen/spotlight Approx. 78 lumen/m
IP Code IP 44 IP 44 IP 44 IP 33
Installation Alternatives wall and ceiling installation or directly to the product
47 standard frame colours
Over 150 other RAL colours
9 Trend Colours
Other Structural Colours
Infinitely dimmable BiConnect radio control (recommended)
Somfy RTS/io (not dimmable)

setting colours and dimming on the bar

Hard Wired Switch (not dimmable)

setting colours and dimming on the bar

♦ – Standard

◊ – Option

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